Language learning and travel experiences in Guatemala

Many people want to learn a second foreign language, and Spanish is one of the popular options. More than 500 million people speak Spanish, and it is also the official language of more than 20 countries, mainly in Latin America. Language is the secret of life. In Guatemala, language schools allow you to immerse yourself in culture and incorporate language learning into your daily life. SET News in Taiwan covered a story of Guatemala and show us how Guatemala’s culture and life are integrated into language learning.

Spanish is a popular second foreign language choice. Guatemala, with Spanish as the official language, provides a language learning environment in culture and daily life

Lakeside classroom for Spanish learning

The San Pedro Spanish School” in San Pedro is a popular Spanish school in Guatemala. It is famous for its lessons of in-depth and diverse Mayan culture. The school locates near Lake Atitlan, which is the largest lake in Central America. The air quality and the environment are excellent. When learning, you sit in a unique thatch house and are accompanied by the sound of nature, and there is no sense of conflict. It probably makes students learning better. Spanish teacher Omar said that the Spanish language school program only requires 20 hours of learning to make students talk confidently and “survive” locally, ordering a delicacy for themselves in a restaurant in Guatemala.

Learn Spanish by the shore of Lake Atitlan. A thatched house and a few pens become a Spanish classroom that blends with nature.

The Mayan traditional market and cooking class, learning by doing

Life is a classroom, and the fastest way to learn languages is to use them in your daily life. For example, when your teacher takes you to the traditional Maya market, you can learn a lot from the trip. You see many kinds of vegetables and food, and then you will ask your teacher what it is in Spanish. These ingredients can be cushin, mango, or ceviche.

After buying groceries from the market, and now it’s time for cooking. From buying ingredients to cooking, these activities are all organized by the language school. You do not have to worry about other things than learning.

Today, the cooking class teacher Anita taught the students to make delicious food Tortillas.

Certainly, students will learn conversations and ingredients in daily life from these activities.

Learning Spanish while cooking is fast and practical!

Mayan civilization embodies life

The learning environment does not have to be intense. Surrounded by nature can be helpful for learning. When you’re here at the school, you see mountains and a lake, which gives you tranquility.

What else can you do in such an environment? Perhaps you can do Yoga and learn Spanish at the same time. In the yoga center in the mountains, teacher Doron combines meditation yoga and Spanish teaching. About two weeks, in addition to achieving inner peace and happiness, students also naturally pick up the language when enjoying the process.

Learning a language is not just learning the language itself, but lifestyle and culture. The rich Maya civilization in Guatemala is a great start.

Relaxing in the yoga center surrounded by nature could be helpful for learning a Spanish.

Enjoying the process while learning a language can be satisfying.

Guatemala has not only a rich culture but a relaxing environment for you to start learning Spanish. Guatemala is your best destination for learning Spanish and enjoying life.

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